After confirm payment, can I add more order and put it as one shipping address?

Kindly make a new order and inform us your order number through WhatsApp to combine your shipping. However, please complete this additional order request before shipping confirmation is sent, usually 1x24 hours after the payment confirmation. Please note if the shipping weight is more than 1 kg, there will be an additional charge.

I found defects in my package. What should I do?

We deeply apologize for the inconvenient. Kindly contact us through WhatsApp

Can I change my address after my order is being shipped?

You cannot, we strongly suggest you making sure that your address is correct as you fill in your shipping form.

Can I track my order?

After your order is shipped, we will e-mail you the shipping number (JNE Airway Bill Number) and you can directly track your order at http:// www.jne.co.id/?mib=tracking.detail

My package has not arrived and it's behind schedule. What should I do?

Please contact JNE Customer Service (021-2927 8888) to deal with the problem using the shipping code in the e-mail confirmation given by us