How to Shop

Welcome to we provide a wide range of needs of fashion for women, especially shoes and bags with the brand that is popular. To shop in detail the following steps:

  1. Select the product
    Click on the category menu on the top of the page, please browse and see what item that fits for you. After finding a suitable item please click button “Add to Cart”.
    To check your shopping list, see item “Cart” on the right column. Click on “Cart” on the right column. Click on “Cart” button to see the detail.
    On the “Shopping Cart Summary” will display list of items to be purchased, price, quantity, and total price to be paid. When all information is in conformity with the item you are shopping then press “Next”. And then “Add to Cart”.
  1. Verification Process
    In the verification step, you are prompted to enter your email address and password. When you become our member then enter your email and password, If not yet a member then select the column on the left, enter your email address, and click “Create your account”.
    Fill in your details in the fields provided. Fill in the country item with the name of your town (our delivery service is limited to existing cities on the list). When the registration process successfully will be displayed in your address and shipping address, if different address then you can add another address for delivery. Press the “Next”.
  1. Payment Process
    Payments made by bank transfer method, using BCA bank. Into account:
    Acount Number: 258.300.9191
  1. Delivery Process
    Shipping will immediately do after the payment into our account.
    Delivery time depends on the distance of the destination, and freight carried on working days (Monday – Friday at: 08:00 to 16:00 and Saturday at: 08:00 to 13:00).

Happy shopping and thank you for visiting our online store.